The Communists and the Lawyers’ Movement

At a number of occasions in the past and due to our participation in the Lawyers’ Movement at present, fingers were pointed at us, the Communists, with the slanders that we are betraying the cause of workers and socialism to participate in the struggle for bourgeois-democracy, in a conflict within the ruling classes that does not directly affect the masses.

The slanderers are of the view that revolution will somehow come about without the training of the working-class, and without them playing any role in the prevailing political and social contradictions. The critiques also conceive that the working-class will get politically trained without participating in any political battle between the principles powers that are present in the society at the moment.

The Marxist strategy must emerge from the analysis of the concrete conditions within the society, focusing on the principle contradictions and the character of parties involved in those contradictions. Within any contradiction, the political party of the working class must attempt to reap the best outcome for the members of the class that it claims to represent. To ensure a favorable result, the workers’ party needs to step into the contradiction along with its supporters and take sides to ensure a more progressive outcome. If the workers’ party does not support the most progressive force in any principle conflict, they end up supporting the most reactionary one by reducing opposition to it.

The Communists must participate in the prevailing contradictions to highlight and bring forth the most fundamental contradiction of Capitalism – the contradiction between labor and capital. Starting from prevailing political contradictions and ensuring positive outcomes from them of the people, the Communists, with the support of the working class and peasantry behind it, must move uninterruptedly and relentlessly towards the the final battle, the clash between the exploited and the exploiters. There is no stops on the midway, no rest, no relaxation, till the dawn of the socialism. “Ours is an uninterrupted revolution”.

The following passage of Bhagat Singh from his writing To Young Political Workers can help to elucidate my aforementioned position further:

The thing that I wanted to point out was that compromise is an essential weapon which has to be wielded every now and then as the struggle develops. But the thing that we must keep always before us is the idea of the movement. We must always maintain a clear notion as to the aim for the achievement of which we are fighting. That helps us to verify the success and failures of our movements and we can easily formulate the future programme. Tilak’s policy, quite apart from the ideal, i.e., his strategy, was the best. You are fighting to get sixteen annas from your enemy, you get only one anna. Pocket it and fight for the rest. What we note in the moderates is of their ideal. They start to achieve on anna and they can’t get it. The revolutionaries must always keep in mind that they are striving for a complete revolution. Complete mastery of power in their hands. Compromises are dreaded because the conservatives try to disband the revolutionary forces after the compromise from such pitfalls. We must be very careful at such junctures to avoid any sort of confusion of the real issues especially the goal. The British Labour leaders betrayed their real struggle and have been reduced to mere hypocrite imperialists. In my opinion the diehard conservatives are better to us than these polished imperialist Labour leaders. About the tactics and strategy one should study life-work of Lenin. His definite views on the subject of compromise will be found in “Left Wing” Communism.


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