Baloch Battlefield

Baloch nation has been a victim of national oppression by hands of the ruling class of Punjab since the creation of Pakistan. Tired from raising their voices against national oppression, the Boloch people has conducted armed struggle against the Pakistani ruling clique on a number of occasions. In December 2005, another armed conflict started between the Pakistani military and the Baloch nationalists. Apart from attacking the poorly armed nationalist fighters and innocent civilian population, including women and children, with modern weaponry and gun-ship helicopters, the Pakistani military dictatorship has tried its best to isolate the Baloch nationalist leaders from the rest of the world by slandering them, calling them anti-development despots, in the local and international media.

While the rulers and their media outlets continue to disseminate ideas that best serve their class interests, it’s the duty of conscientious freedom-loving people to set the record straight about distorted events. This documentary by Munizae Jahangir is such an attempt to lay down the true picture of what has been recently going on in Balochistan. Watch and learn.

Baloch Battlefield – Part 1
Baloch Battlefield – Part 2
Baloch battlefield – Part 3
Baloch Battlefield – Part 4
Baloch Battlefield – Part 5
Baloch Battlefield – Part 6
Baloch Battlefield – Part 7
Baloch Battlefield – Part 8

One Response to “Baloch Battlefield”

  1. Malek Towghi, Ph.D. Says:

    Dear Red Diary Friends,

    Thanks for the pieces on my people, the Baloch, and my country, Balochistan.

    Love @ Peace,

    Malek Towghi, Ph.D.,
    Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International –USA

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