Start your protest

Are you finding it hard to motivate the students at your educational institution to protest against the Martial Law?

An easy way to encourage your student-colleagues to protest is to collect the news about the protests taking place at various campuses across Pakistan (LUMS, FAST-NU, Quaid-e-Azam University, Punjab University, etc.) into a pamphlet and distribute them in massive quantities. You can find plenty of news on the Internet. This should also include something like “are we to stay silent while others are resisting injustice?”

You will find that these pamphlets can be the spark to set fire to a prairie. Do this as soon as possible. Such pamphlets are already in circulation and have proven to be very successful in activating the students at various colleges and universities.

In case you want a prepared copy of the pamphlet, contact asking them to send you a copy of The Emergency Times.

Hurry up!

Time is running fast.

We must do away with the Military Dictatorship now.


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