Evading Eviction

Many human and social rights activists have stationed themselves outside the house of Justice Shahid Siddique to resist the government’s plan to forcefully evict him from his official residence. On the evening of November 3rd, many activists gathered outside the gates of Justice Siddique’s residence when news came out that he is being evicted by the Police. Since then, many activists and lawyers have maintained their presence round the clock, taking shifts, chanting slogans in praise of the judges who refused to take oath under the PCO and denouncing the
usurpation of the Courts by the stooges of Musharraf and Establishment.

Representatives of the CMKP-Lahore have also been making continuous visits to the residence of Justice Shahid Siddique to show solidarity with the upright members of the Judiciary. I visited the protest camp late in the night of November 3rd and stayed there for few hours. Next,
I visited yesterday after attending the students’ protests at the Lahore Press Club. I was also there today. During my visits, I had the opportunity to meet many active members of the lawyers community and human rights activist who appreciated the role played by the CMKP in the movement.

We have been successful so far in avoiding forceful eviction despite the pressure of the Police. The agitators have expressed their full commitment for militant non-violence. Justice Shahid Siddique expressed his gratitude to all those who stayed outside his gates despite the cold, appreciated the lawyers movement, and also expressed his desires to be the member of the Lawyers’ Movement.


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