Postmodernism Disrobed

Here is something I wrote after reading Postmodernism Disrobed by the well-known evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins:

This is Richard Dawkins, who holds the seat of Public Understanding of Science at Oxford, at his best. He might not be the best scientist in the world, but he is surely the best man to make science easy for a layman like me.

At a tangent, it’s a pleasure to know that these are the natural scientists who have taken the job of responding to the onslaught of Post-modernism. As any person can tell, Marxism was the first major theoretical force on which Post-modernists focused collectively for a long time. It will not be an exaggeration to say that PoMos succeeded in diverting the attention that Marxism once used to receive from a large majority of students and academia at American university campuses. Post-modernism became the most celebrated intellectual weapon that the bourgeoisie used against Marxists in the latter half of the last century. Morover, due to the very extent that they had to fall in order to reject the “meta-narrative” of Marxism, Post-modernists found in Science their next natural enemy. Post-modernism has been properly termed by its recent critiques as the ‘new age religion’, the adversary of science and reason.

The strong rebuttal given by the Scientists also highlight the deep association between Marxism and natural sciences – an association that emerges from shared premises about the nature of the world and a somewhat agreed principles on the method to study the material. Post-modernists attacked (the past sense is used intentionally) the foundations of Science and Marxism, but these foundations were and still are strong enough to sustain the aggression of mere verbosity.

Post-modernism is in great crisis. It’s dying away with every passing day. Yet some stay loyal to hyper-subjectivity finding themselves unable to accept the logocenterism that will prevail otherwise. I urge these faithful, very humbly, to accept the uncomplicated challenge posed by Alan Sokal, so that the matter be decided once for and all:

Anyone who believes that the laws of physics are mere social conventions is invited to try transgressing those conventions from the windows of my apartment. (I live on the twenty-first floor).

Uncomplicated, isn’t it?


3 Responses to “Postmodernism Disrobed”

  1. Superb words…yes PM is a bourgeois tool, cleverly crafted and widely applied. However, it did not evolve solely for this purpose – there is a bit of nihilism and vacuum that capitalism always leads to despite the mantra of ‘dynamism’ and ‘competition’

  2. Sokal’s book “Fashionble Nonsense” is a great read on the subject. I’ll have to check more of this blog. Looks good.

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