Do Countries Sell Their Own People?

 Civil liberties in the age of the War on Terror


Venue: HRCP auditorium (107 Tipu Block, Garden Town, Near Barkat Market).

Map: Directions to HRCP
Date: Sunday, 23rd March, 2008

Starting Time: 3:00 pm
Organizers: Young Professionals Lahore, Students Action Committee, FastRising

About the speakers:
Mrs. Amna Masood Janjua, spokesperson of the families of the missing people. Mrs Amna Masood’s husband went missing about 2 years ago, since then she has waged struggle for the release of his husband whose whereabouts are still unknown. She has been joined by the relatives of other missing persons whose loved ones went missing during the last some years (allegedly ’sold’ to US agencies, on the pre text of war on terror). The issue made headlines when CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry took notice and ensured the release of several missing persons from the shackles of illegal detention.

We also hope to have with us a senior lawyer of the Lahore High Court who can shed some light on this issue from the perspective of human rights law and practice in Pakistan.

Rationale: We hope that this seminar will be an opportunity for ordinary citizens to engage in a constructive debate on this issue and to understand how the lack of due process and of accountability of the state machinery has caused such suffering for the missing persons and their families.

We also hope that this could lead to a deeper understanding of the ways in which the pervasive corruption of our administration has made it possible for the establishment to subvert democratic norms in pursuit of its blind obedience to foreign directives in the name of the War on Terror.

We reiterate our stance that we are against the use of violence to achieve political aims. Thus we reject the blanket cover offered by the term “collateral damage”, whether used by NATO or by their enemies. We believe in strengthening and reforming our judicial system and in vesting greater authority in the elected representatives of the people, in order that the cycle of violence and revenge be ended through a fair process of arbitration.

Spreading the word: If you wish to publicise the event, please share this link with them, or else print out our poster and post it on your notice-board at university or in your office.

R.S.V.P: aileeeNU AT gmail, 0343 – 416 74 47

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