Law of the land

The police carried out a raid and closed a factory. The children, who were working there, were all set free. Some said: “We are orphans. To eat we need a livelihood.” The reply was swift and crude: “It is against the law”.

“Then we will have to beg”, they said, “or else we will have no food.” “That, too, is against the law,” the policeman in charge said rudely.

“If we cannot work and cannot beg, then we will die from hunger,’’ replied the crying children. “That you can do,” was the answer. “There is nothing illegal in dying”.

by Khushwant Singh


2 Responses to “Law of the land”

  1. Naeem Shakir Says:

    This piece of literature is a slap on the exploitative socio-economic system and the laws it maintains without providing relief to the marginalised.

  2. This is a world full of contradictions my dear. On one hand we cant live without ac’s and on the other are people who sleep on pavements-not sure if they will wake up living or shattered into a hundred pieces like china clay by morning.

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