CMKP Condemns Failure to Restore Judiciary

It has now become blatantly clear that Zardari has completely failed the democratic movement. In exchange for the NRO, Zardari has agreed not to restore the pre-November 3nd judiciary and has de facto accepted General Pervaiz Musharraf as the President of Pakistan. This is a complete betrayal of the struggle against military rule that so many people, including the cadres of the PPP, fought for so valiantly.

Given the promises made by the government, we were willing to wait for the 30 day period. Following that period, we still waited till May 12th. However, it has now become absolutely clear that the current government does not wish to commit itself to a serious struggle against the military establishment. Every passing day plunges our country deeper into the crisis created by military rule. Every passing day brings only new resentment and disappointments.

Under these unfortunate circumstances, the breakup of the coalition has benefited Musharraf.  Neither the cause of the judiciary nor democracy has advanced as a consequence of the recent actions of mainstream parties. It is our understanding that Pakistan requires a mass based left party that upholds the interests of workers and peasants with complete integrity.

The current political leadership has proven to be deeply opportunistic and has failed the people. While we have absolutely nothing in common with pro-establishment and right-wing criticisms of mainstream parties, the CMKP unequivocally condemns the failure of the current government to restore the judiciary and realize the nations clear aspirations for democracy.

The CMKP will fully support the lawyers movement led by Aitzaz Ahsen, Ali Ahmed Kurd, and Munir A. Malik and uphold in letter and spirit the line of action decided by the Pakistan Representative Convention of Lawyers May 17th.

Restore the Judiciary Now
Down with Military Dictatorship
Long Live Democracy


One Response to “CMKP Condemns Failure to Restore Judiciary”

  1. I think CMKP had reduced it’s propaganda through blogging after creating facebook groups. Messages in facebook groups are not public and cannot be indexed by search engines. I think blogging propaganda is better than facebook propaganda.

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