Howard Zinn: An Illustrated People’s History of the US Empire

Since its landmark publication in 1980, A People’s History of the United States has had six new editions, sold more than 1.7 million copies and been turned into an acclaimed play. More than a successful book, A People’s History triggered a revolution in the way history is told, displacing the official versions with their emphasis on great men in high places to chronicle events as they were lived, from the bottom up.

Now Howard Zinn, historian Paul Buhle, and cartoonist Mike Konopacki have collaborated to retell, in vibrant comics form, a most immediate and relevant chapter of A People’s History: the centuries-long story of America’s actions in the world. This short animated video explores US expansionism from Wounded Knee to the invasion of Iraq, stopping along the way at World War I, World War II Central America, Vietnam and the Iranian revolution.

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Here is an collection of excellent video interviews with Professor Zinn with

“How are traditional American history books limited?”

“What should the next President do to get the military out of Iraq?”

“What did you learn from your experience in WWII?”

“Race in America”

“Who do you endorse for President?”

“What is the state of democracy in America?”

“What is your philosophy?”

“What is the state of the world today?”

“What do you want to be remembered for?”

(Note that each video includes more than one question…)

2 Responses to “Howard Zinn: An Illustrated People’s History of the US Empire”

  1. Great video. I have yet to read Zinn’s book but I will someday. Right now though I am reading Das Kapital (again) along with these lectures, please check them out.

  2. United $nakes of America ranks in the top list of ugliest empires after British Empire and Nazi Germany.

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