Pakistan Aiding the Taliban

Veteran Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid explains how the US ally Pakistan has armed and financed the Taliban after the US invasion of Afghanistan; how the CIA pays Pakistan to arrest al-Qaeda operatives, but Pakistan uses the money to fund the Taliban resurgence in northwest Pakistan; and how the US and NATO’s failure to deal with Afghan civil society has led directly to the huge rise of the opium trade that funds the Taliban.

Please visit Democracy Now! for Audio, Video, and rush transcript.

3 Responses to “Pakistan Aiding the Taliban”

  1. This is not true statement and there is no truth but a big prejudice envolving this statement. Not the present govt neither previous ever financied or armed Talbans in North Eastern Part of Pakistan. Problem started when USSR invaded Afghanistan and Pakistan helped US in this area. This world must know that the people of this area have never adopted or let other nations rule this country. This is what they are fighting for. This is my challenge that you will finish your bullets but you can never finish people of this area until their mothers /fathers stop reproducing Afghanis. Better we make them friends for their and our future.

    Looking into the roots of this issue, Western & US collision making surrounding countries enemies one after one. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Aghanistan, and now Pakistan and what later Saudi Arabia and may be the long Muslim tail of countries. Are you the only one who is Mr. Right, I may ask ask you.

  2. Taliban is one of the most barbarous organisation and one of the worst enemies of civil rights.

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