Hands of China

While the attention of the world is on Beijing 2008, the Western Media can be found busy misleading their viewers about the ‘human-rights situation’ in China. Every few hours, news based on completely inaccurate evidence is played on the TV channels in order to feed the public against China. In this perspective, the campaign launched by Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) must be appreciated. The message on the launch-meeting of Hands of China said: “China has come a long way since its Liberation with a strong economy, peaceful development and a prosperous society.” The campaign has vowed to counter the “imperialist propaganda and set the record straight” with the campaign.

In a similar message, not directly related with the campaign, Ghali Hassan wrote about the hypocrisy and the ill-intent of the Western mainstream Media:

The current anti-Chinese propaganda, masquerading as anti-repression and pro-human rights protests is a classic Western hypocrisy and designed to advance U.S.-Western imperialist agenda. When did Western-based human rights organisations have seriously and impartially protested against Western-perpetuated human rights abuses and war crimes except the usual and confused rhetoric? They have become the West’s most useful tools deflecting attention from U.S./Israel criminal wars. The anti-Chinese protesters at the Olympics have missed great opportunity.

The Olympics must remain free of propaganda that aimed at diverting the public away from Western-perpetuated human rights abuses, war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is time that European and international courts of justice commence criminal proceedings against past and present Western political and military leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The West can not digest China to enjoy the reputation that often goes along with the hosting of Olympics. Earlier this year, a virulent boycott campaign was launched against Beijing Olympics by citing Tibet as the pretext. As the whole campaign was based false facts and analyses (as I noticed in Tabet is China; a better exposition can be found in Ghali’s article), the central issue is not the “human rights” but the progressive role that China is playing the modern world that blatantly hampers the U.S. political and economic interests.


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