Peace and unity

WHAT unfolded after the tragic terrorist attacks in Mumbai is a matter of serious concern to all those who want peace and harmony in South Asia (Cover Story, December 19). In Pakistan, the media and right-wing religious forces constantly try to portray India as being dominated and ruled by anti-Pakistan political parties. Indian media also attempts to air anti-Pakistani feelings and have, to an extent, played into the hands of right-wing powers there.

At a moment when we should all join hands under the banner of peace, we are being divided by those who claim to uphold the cause of freedom of opinion. It is important for the people of India and Pakistan to stand up against the tirades of hate, and support activities that promote peace in the region. Only with our unity can we fight terrorism and religious extremism. Peace is the only option.

Umer A. Chaudhry
Lahore, Pakistan

Published at Frontline


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