Laal: Umeed-e-Sahar

Laal’s album has finally been released.

Cassettes and CD’s are available in the market.


12 Responses to “Laal: Umeed-e-Sahar”

  1. fahad alim Says:

    you have done a great job, i cannot say any thing more about it, this is real stuff, i see ray light in this dark era, i hope we can be like that.

  2. Rab Nawaz Says:

    Excellent. I have really enjoyed it. I could not stop myself from listening it 24 hours continuously. We need more of such brilliant art. Again brilliant effort. A bundle of congrats to Comrade Taimur and Comrade Shahram.

  3. Pakistan Zindabad..
    we need more youngster like LAAL.. who spread the voice of common man.. amazing video.. this would be the true Pakistan .. ek sachi FALAHI RIYASAT

  4. Salman Latif Says:


  5. really wonderfull. i tell us to stand against the evil. vert soon evil startig
    to stop

  6. This band has given life to the relics of Urdu revolutionary poetry that had been lying neglected in books. It is the voice of every Pakistani heart. The partiotism that flows through our veins like blood has gained recoginition today…
    Thank you Laal the band!!!
    This country is indebted to you for rousing the feeling that had been lying dormant in our hearts!
    Hats off to you!!!

  7. Where can I buy Laal CD any ph number I live in USA

  8. Absolutely beautiful. You guys have given a true presentation of Faiz’s message. Which, albeit is very limitless in its spiritual scope and all encompassing when it comes to rule of law and human rights. Bravo! and special thanks to video producers who did justice to connecting the in indelible conviction of the poet and the singer to complacent images of our real world. Thank you.

  9. Any info on where I can buy the CD?


  10. really inspiring video.u guys shud compose such inspiring songs that will remind pakistan heroes

  11. fahad alim Says:

    “Tribute to Bhagat Singh” Performed at NSF Karachi’s event held at PMA house on 27-03-2010 Song: Mat samjho (laal Band)
    Covered by:
    Vocal: Fahad Alim Guitar: Ammad Alim
    youtube link:

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