CPA statement on Iran

The Communist Party of Australia stands in unity and solidarity with the Iranian people and the forces fighting for peace, progress and economic and political change.

Objectively, in the international sphere Iran takes an anti-US, anti-imperialist stand, but on the domestic front the regime is undemocratic, anti-worker and anti-people. We cannot support religion being used as a tool of oppression and the people’s basic rights being denied. We support the Iranian people wholeheartedly in their struggle for a peaceful and democratic society that can deliver fundamental rights to the working class and people of Iran.

We call for the ending of the US interference in the internal affairs of Iran and its provocateurs both inside and outside the country.

We support and welcome the struggle of the communist and progressive forces that are fighting against the brutality and unjust nature of the Iranian regime. This theocratic regime has survived on the basis of tyranny and oppression. It has mercilessly repressed and tortured innocent people and ruthlessly targeted those who oppose the ongoing political rule of the mullahs and ayatollahs.

We stand by the Iranian working class whose right to organise and collectively bargain is consistently thwarted. Working class activists are tortured, jailed and killed for demanding fundamental trade union and workers rights.

The people of Iran have risen before but had their democratic desires smashed as the regime hid behind the mask of religion after the overthrow of the Shah. We advocate for the separation of the state and religion.

CPA Central Committee Secretariat, July 6.


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