For the Cause of Comrade Nazeer Abbasi

The following message was posted by the Hyderabad District Committee of the Communist Party of Pakistan:

During past two weeks (July 30 to August 09, 2009), various events including hunger strikes, demonstrations, rallies, and seminars, etc., were organized in many parts of the Sindh province to mark the death anniversary of Comrade Nazeer Abbasi, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), who was brutally tortured to death in clandestine arrest by bullies of the then Major Imtiaz Billa (now Brig. (Rtd) Imtiaz Billa), a handpicked dog of the US-patronized Pakistani military establishment.

The almost unanimous demand made during these events by different political and civil society formations was the resumption of legal proceedings of Nazeer Abbasi’s murder case and death sentence to be awarded to the perpetrators of this heinous crime. However, a few restricted themselves to just expounding Nazeer’s personal characteristics and the features of his political beliefs and acts without drawing any lessons for today’s and future political strategy in line with Nazeer’s political ideology and struggle based on it.

Some claiming themselves to be heir to Nazeer’s legacy termed him as wholly and solely a “Nationalist”. Some others regarded him as a “Democrat and believer in Human Rights”. Still some others criticized Nazeer’s party for being negligent in taking care of his family after his martyrdom. And his CPP comrades, like always, clearly brought to fore the fact that Nazeer was a true blue Communist follower of the principles of the ideology of Marxism-Leninism.

Was Nazeer a “Nationalist”?

In an event of Nazeer’s death anniversary held by a local Sindh nationalist faction on August 9, 2009, a jail mate of Nazeer claimed during his cell phone address on the occasion that Nazeer was a nationalist and this was precisely why he was an internationalist! The same baseless assertion also reverberated in some other events. Some individuals who had met Nazeer once or twice testified that Nazeer was a nationalist whereas some other acquaintances differed and said he was not at all a nationalist and kept nationalists as much away from him as they did him.

Whether Nazeer was a nationalist or not can easily be understood from the still alive fact that he laid down his life while he was a Central Committee member of the CPP. How could a “nationalist” have acquired such a status in a party who recognizes and equally struggles for rights of nations and nationalities and clearly denounces “nationalism”, which means that a certain nation is superior to all the other nations and ultimately leads to chauvinism.

What is the political platform for a nationalist to wage his struggle other than a nationalist political party befitting his understanding of the nationalism? Where is the “nationalist” party that Nazeer has ever been a member of after joining the CPP? Where are the nationalist political activists or leaders that Nazeer has ever been a working associate of? There were and there are none of them. Will a nationalist not associate himself with a nationalist party instead of joining the ranks of a party whose belief in proletariat internationalism is among its fundamental principles?

And the absurdity behind the assertion that Nazeer was an internationalist because he was a nationalist is self-explanatory to sane minds. This line of reasoning is blind to the fact that both of these concepts are mutually contradictory. But to steal one’s way, the culprits may well disguise themselves into blind men.

Was Nazeer a democrat and champion of human rights?

After the collapse of USSR, some of the party comrades, who were more inspired of the socialist ideals as a romantic and had little understanding of socialism as a scientific theory and practical guide, tried to push the party policy in line with the Perestroika. When demonstrated to be unrealistic and opposed to the principles of socialism, these individuals engaged themselves in activities aimed to break the party into factions and denounced Communism and Marxism-Leninism as a failed and orthodox ideology.

Some of these traitors later on formed NGOs and claimed that their aim was to effect a social transformation on democratic grounds. Some three years ago some of these individuals started activities to align communist formations into a single unity but failed miserably and formed a group first named Inqilabi Jamhori Workers Committee, than Awami Jamhori and finally the Awami Party.

Last year they observed death anniversary of Nazeer Abbasi at local press club funded by an international US donor organization which has been banned in Australia and some other countries for its covert anti-people activities. It is also notorious for funding American CIA for its covert strategic operations around the world against people’s rights movements.

They also observed Nazeer’s anniversary this year too in partnership with other NGOs. CPP and CMKP also attended the event. As mentioned earlier, these individuals have been denouncing Socialism and Marxism-Leninism as incapable of social revolution any more. But amazingly they make tall claims of being inheritors of Nazeer’s legacy!!! They raise slogan that “Nazeer’s way is our way”!!! One wonders what kind of people are they? What was Nazeer’s way? And how could Nazeer’s way be their way?

Nazeer’s way was the way of Socialism, Marxism-Leninism. His struggle was based on these principles and he sacrificed his life for them. Can Nazeer’s way be way of such people who denounce Nazeer’s ideology and struggle based on it? Can these people who claim to own Nazeer but depend upon the finance of those who were architects of the plot of his and his party’s death be Nazeer’s friends and heir? They are merely Nazeer’s foe in disguise, people who are base opportunists piling wealth by selling Nazeer and his heroic personality and struggle in democratic and human rights guise.

Criticism of Nazeer’s Party

Some of the individuals in their write-ups and speeches delivered in these events criticized Nazeer’s party, the CPP, saying that his party showed negligence about the maintenance of his family after his martyrdom.

No doubt, comrade Nazeer’s family suffered a lot during his party activities and more so after his martyrdom. So did the families of the other party comrades who met similar circumstances. Even the families of party comrades who did not face harsh and tough circumstances like comrade Nazeer also suffered and are still suffering.

Nazeer’s party is the party of the poorest and the most destitute sections of our society. It is the party of the workers, the toiling masses. What could such a party offer his martyrs and workers? Can it offer them reward money as huge as 0.5 million rupees or jobs or contracts as is done by bourgeoisie parties? Nazeer’s party has been under ban during approximately three-fourth of our country’s lifeline so far. It has twice been crushed brutally. If it had not faced these circumstances, it might have been in a position to do something for Nazeer’s and families of his likes but even than not to the extent of bourgeoisie parties.

What did Nazeer asked his party to give him? The most valuable property a man has is his own life. Nazeer preferred sacrificing his life to the aims and objectives of his party and ideology and every genuine comrade will do exactly the same when required. He asked the party to give him the ideological training and skills, tactical expertise and unwavering commitment to the cause of party. He was genuine comrade who never asked for any mundane asset from party and gave it his life when the time arrived. Do we not minimize his stature and the veneration of his self-less struggle when we negate his party only for not giving his family any wealth or livelihood asset?

Instead of criticizing Nazeer’s party on this ground while finding nothing admirable to praise it, shall we not strengthen Nazeer’s party by joining its ranks so that we may accomplish the task left unfinished by Nazeer? Shall we not learn from our such zealous admiration of Nazeer’s figure the importance of his Party, the Party which made Nazeer what he has become for us today? Or our inspiration of Nazeer’s legacy is enough to be restricted to praise him in his death anniversaries while willfully neglecting the need to consolidate his efforts by putting our share into it?


The attempt in general to portray Nazeer Abbasi as nationalist and the observance of his death anniversary by socialists-turned-NGOists are attempts to make comrade Nazeer Abbasi a holy personality to dampen the revolutionary edge of his struggle. All of us who are seriously committed to the ideal of transforming our world in a class-less society must be well aware of this conspiracy.

Long Live Socialism!

Long Live The Struggle of The Workers and Toiling Masses Of The World!

Long Live Nazeer Abbasi!

Communist Party of Pakistan,

District Committee – Hyderabad

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