Baloch and Balochistan

Asma Jahangir on the Balochistan Issue


4 Responses to “Baloch and Balochistan”

  1. She is too outrageous. It was not only army that did bad with Bangladesh. All left and right wings were also equally involved. It is always good to see what the other side of clash is. Please post something from Army and current balouch politicians.

    Who doesn’t know what bugti’s and muree’s has been doing in balauchistan for decades. Why only the army is accused in this scenario? and is really army that wrong in baluchistan? There are a lot of questions and but only a lousy debate from this person.

  2. This is not outrageous.

    I will not be posting and neither there is any need for me to do so. Those who wish to know the Army’s point of view are free to view it elsewhere. Red Diary is of the firm position that military operation against the Baloch people must be stopped. Red Diary is against all forms of national oppression and exploitation.

    In order to know the view of the common people of Balochistan, you can also watch the documentary ‘Baloch Battlefield’:

  3. Oh yeah I get it. This is your blog and you can post whatever you want or whatever you think oppression and exploitation is and whoever you think is exploitative and their accomplice is. Okay dude… sorry I just stumbled by and wouldn’t waste time with this blog again.

    The only reason I stopped by and read stuff was because of its communist look. It is just that I thought that you guys would be more pragmatic and elaborating and you would have some ear to listen to others, but again my mistake. Also I am not fan of either left or right parties in Pakistan, nor do I like Pakistan Army. I have read communists and respect their thoughts but I can’t think of a destroyed communist state. For me, per se, a strong Pakistan and united Pakistan can make a strong and daring communist state. But doesn’t matter any way…

  4. Faheem,

    You may not visit this blog again. This is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, kindly erase the misconception regarding communism that you have in your mind. Communists have always supported the rights of nations to self-determination INCLUDING SUCCESSION.

    You are welcome to read more on this:

    Lenin: The Right of Nations to Self-Determination

    Stalin, Marxism and the National Question

    I hope it helps in making things clear.

    Strong and daring Communist states are not built on national oppression. USSR provided constitutional guarantees to each of its constituent ‘Soviet State’ (nations) with the right to succeed at any point in time. The strength of socialist countries lie in trust and welfare, not weapons and chauvinism.

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