Press Release

Karachi, Oct 2: At a time when the Pakistan People’s Party-led coalition government seems to be bent upon bartering away the strategic, political and economic ownership in the name of boosting financial resources, pro-people and patriotic political forces of Pakistan are perturbed over the rationale of the so-called ruling elite devoid of national interests and self-respect.

To resist the government’s latest move to lease 0.6 million acres of land to oil rich Saudi Arabia and one million acres to American and European investors, an important meeting of the representative of the National Workers Party, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party Pakistan, Communist Party of Pakistan and Awami Party was held here at the residence of Yusuf Musti Khan, Vice President of the National Workers Party. The meeting was presided over by General Secretary, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party, Comrade Ejaz Ghani.

The meeting took a serious notice of a devastating design under which the agricultural land would be sold or leased to foreign investors under the cover of bagging foreign investment, the ultimate outcome of which would culminate into losing the national grip of Pakistan’s ownership. This will not enhance agricultural production but is destined to be ominous for agricultural sector, jolting the very foundation of national sovereignty.

A plan of action against the nefarious government’s move was adopted and the modus operandi to resist it would be finalized within a few days.
Those attended the meeting included Akhtar Hussain, Usman Baloch and Ishtiaq Azmi (NWP); Mansoor Saeed & Dr. Mazhar Hyder (CPP); A.R.Arif & Zafar Aslam (CMKP); Ramzan Memon (AP); Zaheer Akhtar Bedri (writer & columnist) and others.

Issued by:
Zafar Aslam (CMKP)


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