Some stats of 2008

From Human Right Comission Pakistan (HRCP) Report:


Last year the number of terrorist attacks in the NWFP alone was 1,016

Women & Children

1,210 were killed, 612 for honour.
Over 800 sexually harassed,
350 raped,
45 gang-raped
13 were stripped

185 women killed in domestic violence with four recorded instances of amputation.
138 women were injured and 30 killed as a result of burnings
37 were bunt with acid burn

114 children were killed for honour and karo-kari,
221 girls and several hundred boys were reported to have been raped, gang-raped, subjected to sodomy or stripped in public.

700,000 children lived and worked on the streets


Over 1,000 Shias killed In Kurram tribal agency by Islamic extremists
3 Three Ahmadis were killed in September after a popular television channel declared that killing Ahmadis was permissible under Islamic norms


500,000 workers lost their jobs because energy shortages had affected production.


4,575 primary schools in the public sector in Fata,
1,777 were without basic facilities, including drinking water, toilets, electricity and boundary walls.
57,000 schools across Sindh, over 8,000 were ghost schools
nearly 6.5 million children in the age group of five to nine remained out of schools, over 2.6 million in the NWFP.

Prison Conditions

59,000 prisoners in 32 prisons meant for no more than 21,000.

Suicides from poverty

2,528 people, including 1,725 men and 803 women, committed suicide in 2008.
7 people commit suicide in Pakistan every day. The prime cause of suicides is poverty.


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