Tibet is China

For those who support the movement of some Tibetans against China, here is some suggestions for you:

1. Know what you support. Before you jump into the bandwagon and sit with your legs crossed in quest of nirvana, stop for a while on Earth and see what Buddhist theocracy in Tibet was like. Admired by the German Nazis as an ideal system of government, know what Tibet was like before the reforms introduced by the People’s Republic of China. Under religious aristocracy. Tibet was a theocratic state where the people lived in slavery and literal physical bondage:

See this National Geographic video:


Listen to what Michael Parenti has to say about the “friendly” Feudalism of Tibet:


2. Know your allies. The Tibetans have fought an armed struggle against the Chinese, with the help of CIA. Hence, a very good friend of yours when it comes to support the “Tibetans cause” is the CIA. Doubtful? Have a look at this 5-part documentary:

CIA in Tibet 1

CIA in Tibet 2

CIA in Tibet 3

CIA in Tibet 4

CIA in Tibet 5

CIA in Tibet 6

3. Tibetans are living in good conditions. Therefore, start thinking about other pretexts for supporting the few agitating Tibetans. Although relatively shut off from the outside world by mountains, Tibetans today do not have to pay any tax to the Central Government in Beijing, enjoy free schooling up to university, free health care, and retain their traditional way of life.

See this documentation by the Discovery Channel:


4. The government is not victimizing Tibetans. Yes, the Chinese Police are targeting some of the Tibetans who are trying to disrupt ethnic harmony and public peace (those who are attacking and killing innocent civilians). That being said, we all in Pakistan know that a good street agitation can be lacking of anything but good footages. If that is true, why does the Western media have to blatantly distort the pictures of protests in China:

See the true face of Western media; see protests from outside China being depicted as protests in Tibet:


5. If this this is not enough, see the following videos for some more information about Tibet:

The Truth of Tibet

Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China

Free Tibet, you say?

Freedom for what? Slavery, bondage, illiteracy, and poverty?
Freedom for whom? The religious bigots, monarchs, and feudalism?

Whether you like it for not, the fact remains:

Tibet is Free!

9 Responses to “Tibet is China”

  1. […] Article by Vidrohi  SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Tibet is China”, url: “http://stalin-mao.net/?p=1139” }); […]

  2. Funny, because all the youtube links that you posted is not available in China itself.

  3. Prior to socialist revolution, even semi-slavery system existed in China like bonded labor system that is seen in Indian villages.

  4. sabah ahsan Says:


  5. Hello Comrade, nice article. I was wondering that if Tibet seperation is not to be supported on the account that Lama was a feudal oppressor, why should Balochistan seperation be supported? Will it not go into the hands of tribal leaders? Although, if Balochistan gets seperated it would have a far better horizon for development ahead of it as compared with the rest of Pakistan in any case and tribalism will be undoubtedly defeated in a short time in its current primitve form (because the nationalist struggle has been after all supported by the left and there is no derth of progressive leadership in Pakistan)

    I do support the Baloch nationalist struggle and despise the free Tibet movement and I do realise where imperialism fits in both cases and that socialist China has a major issue on its hand in the form of imperialist backed Tibet insurgency, but the Balochistan comparison has been confusing for me. Care to shed some light?

  6. very great comrades, we are greatful towards you for providing us such a factual material, which open up all the fake facts provided by the capitalist media round the globe. red salute.

  7. […] Tibet as the pretext. As the whole campaign was based false facts and analyses (as I noticed in Tabet is China; a better exposition can be found in Ghali’s article), the central issue is not the […]

  8. I\’m love this great website. Many thanks guy

  9. I would like to remind people here to be very careful about what they believe. I have heard a lot about Tibetans making up stories to suit western ears. Recently I found more evidence of this in Robert Barnett’s essay ‘Women and Politics in Contemporary Tibet’. You can read it online here through googlebooks:


    Barnett is a lecturer in International and Public Affairs and coordinator of Columbia University’s Modern Tibetan Studies Program; therefore a trustworthy source. In his essay he describes this deceit, by a Tibetan woman in this case, as “performing her nation…by presenting a narrative that establishes her as part of the extended Tibetan body politic and identifies her within a history of nationality oppression and resistance.” Barnett then goes on to say that Tibetans are able to buy copies of a particular event that occurred in Lhasa many years before and that some Tibetans use this “regurgitated story” to gain asylum in the USA, he writes; “Accounts of that event can be bought from tutors in New York to be memorized by asylum seekers”. The purchasable story is based on this event covered in the New York Times:


    I wish not to promote that these abuses do not happen, but we do need to question just how many of the forced sterilizations and other accounts of torture and so forth coming out of Tibet are fabricated to gain support and assistance from a sympathetic yet gullible audience.

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